• Aim & Objectives Of Our School

    OUR Aim

    The main aim of Vindhya Valley Public school is, All rounded well adjusted and harmonious development of its student. The aforesaid learned council of this school has been always striving for the physical, mental and moral development of the boys and girls to pace with the modern call of the time. The emphasis is laid upon good manner discipline and patriotism in the student since the childhood. The courage, patience and dedication are developed, directly and indirectly both, in them during their stay here so that they may succeed in life of the school, family and above all of the nation, which is the chief motto of this school.

    OUR Objectives

    Vindhya valley Public school is a co-educational English Medium public school, whose over, riding objective is the realization of the full potential-physical, mental & spiritual of each child & to instill in him or her the qualities, values and attitudes for success in life as well as for becoming a good citizen and a good human being.

    At Vindhya Valley Public School we provide an ideal and excellent environment which is conductive for all round growth and development of child’s personality. It also enhances the learning process and help the child development faster, team quicker & become smarter by:

    • Development of good and healthy habits.

    • Inculcating desirable social attitudes, pleasing manners and good etiquettes.

    • Exposing the child of real life situations and environment by regulator outdoor visits to places of internet.

    • Treating every child as a unique personality.

    • Encouraging the sprit of perseverance.