• Admission Procedure
    • A student must produce an evidence of DOB ( a birth certificate for the PG and KG sections and a TC of the previous schools from class 1 upward ) by the second week of April, failing which the admission will be stand cancelled.

    • The original and photocopy of the previous school’s mark sheet by the second week of April, failing which the admission will be stand cancelled.

    • The school leaving certificate of the students joining school from class 7 upwards must be counter signed by the educational authorities of the district in which the previous school is situated.

    • Please note that a student will be admitted only to the class mentioned on the transfer certificates and to no higher class nor will a student will promoted before the end of a school calendar year. The TC and mark sheet have to be same school.


    If the parents want to withdraw their child of their own accord and wish to possess the Transfer Certificate of the child, they will have to give a written application and obtain the TC after two days if simple and after one week if countersigned or on later given date.

    All requests for a transfer certificate must be sent in writing duly signed and dated by the parent/guardian one month in advance. No transfer certificate shall be issued until all dues to the school have been paid in full. A duplicate copy may be issued if the institution is satisfied that the original is lost but it shall always be so marked.

    One clear calendar month’s notice in writing or a month’s fees in lieu of such notice must be given before a student can be withdrawn.

    If a student is absent for 10 consecutive days without the prior permission or the application of leave for a genuine reason, the name of the student will be struck off the roll. If the parents want to continue the education thereafter, they will have to re-admit the child with all the fees as though it is fresh admission.

    A student may be suspended or ever dismissed from the school on account of misconduct, insubordination to the school authorities, malpractice during the exams or for any such grave reason with prior warning, or even without, as per discretion of the Head of the Institution.