• Managing Director's Message

    Its the attitude more than the altitude that helps one to achieve the goal of one's life. -Anonymous

    It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the website of Vindhya Valley Public School.

    Vindhya Valley Public School was conceived years ago with a dream to create a beacon for youth the kings and queens, who are Morally upright, socially Responsible and vibrant human beings. We believe that in this global scenario, learning has to go beyond the confines of a classroom having a wider spectrum and building a world while values and principles flourish. We believe that each child is a unique creation of God and at Vindhya Valley Public School, we provide a platform to the children to unravel their own strength and interest. “I can, I shall, I will, is the punch line for every student of this school, as they consider every pedestal a stepping stone to success, thus making their Alma Mater proud today and forever.

    I extend my gratitude to all my parents for the trust placed in us and we look toward to their constant support & guidance in all over endeavours. As we complete two decades of impact quality education at Vindhya Valley Public School. We seek the blessing of the Lord on the entire Vindhya Valley Public School Family.